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Jonna Loved doing hair, it was her career, what
she did not understand, was how she was able
to tune into her clients feelings, pain and health
issues as she would start to shampoo a client.
Eventually Jonna was able to do  this without a
shampoo bowl or a chair in front of her.
She would ask strangers if she could try to give
them a reading. A client base built very quickly.
It wasn't long before a radio personality
discovered Jonna and asked her to guest on a
radio show.  
Jonna has worked on murder cases, missing
person cases and cold cases with authorities
and with families.
She has a large client base, including celebrities.
Jonna has progressed from house parties, to an
event she calls "Dinner With The Dead" She
works to bring through spirit while a large
group of her fans sit on the edge of their seat
hoping to be called up to receive a message
from a loved one!
You can visit one of her events either locally to
the Madison Wisconsin area or in other areas of
the country.
Jonna continues to create large group events
and small intimate galleries to please her clients.
Past shows
Dinner With The Dead
Annie's Cafe
Shopiere WI

Dinner With The Dead
Mings Restaurant
Beloit WI

Dinner With The Dead
The Golden Coral
Rockford IL

Dinner With The Dead
Ocean Side Grill
Flagler Beach FL

Dinner With The Dead
Bistro 108
Rockford IL

Dinner With The Dead
Rockford IL

Dinner With The Dead
Boxcars Clinton WI

Wine and Spirits
Le Cork
Mt Horeb WI

Dinner With The Dead
Rockford IL

*2/19 Wine and Spirits
Mike's Road House
Beloit Wi

Suds and Spirits
Capital Brewery
Middleton WI

Dinner With The Dead
Fiesta Cancun
Monroe WI

Dinner With The Dead
South Beloit American
South Beloit Illinois

Wine and Spirits
Mike's Road House
Beloit WI

Wine and Spirits
Lewis Station Winery
Lake Mills WI
"Jonna has a gift like no other, her readings on-air are dead on!
She has such a connection it feels like you are speaking to an old friend!
I have had Numerous listeners speechless due to Jonna's Amazing Accuaracy!
Everything she has told me has come true!"
JW 105.9 The Hog Janesville WI

*'Jonna has an inside track to an energy not all of us can connect with but is
there. She has a true gift and she gives it back on a daily basis. She told me things
myself nobody else knew and it stopped me in my tracks. She's got the vibe and
she uses
it to help others. Thanks, Jonna!'
-Dobie Maxwell, WLIP radio host of 'The Mothership Connection
Otherwise known as comedian "Mr Lucky"
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