Jonna is local to Wisconsin/Illinois state line area.
Jonna makes her living doing psychic readings.
She travels throughout Wisconsin to do psychic fairs. You can see her regularly
in Madison, Monroe, Janesville and now in Waukesha.
You can hear Jonna on many radio stations locally and on the net,
including B103, 104.9 The X and 105.9 The Hog.
She is a guest on many blog talk shows and will be starting a blog talk show for
free readings in 2009.
Many law enforcement, city officials, attorneys, and celebrities have counseled
with Jonna.
Jonna takes private appointments out of her home office or will do phone
readings for you.
Skype readings and virtual Skype parties are now available, this is a fun way to
do group readings.
Jonna is a medium, using psychometry, her guides and your energy.
Whatever spirit brings through to her attention is what she will share with you
during that reading.
Jonna's spiritual journey started many years ago.
In the last 9 years her senses have become much stronger
Her true passion is to be of service and to help people in need.
Jonna understands grief and loss on the deepest level and would never take
advantage of anyone going through a grief situation.
It is her hope to help people understand that the other side is so very close to
Quoting Jonna
" I believe in signs from the other side, we need to open ourselves up to the
message that is coming to us!
So many times we call it circumstance, or coincidence, is that true?? I don't
believe so, I believe that once we open ourselves up to the knowledge that the
other side gives to us, we can lead fuller richer and more productive lives,
knowing that our loved ones watch over us and communicate with us."
"This work gives me great joy, I cannot explain the feeling I get, when someone
from the other side comes through for a client! This continues to fascinate me!!
My only goal is to help people realize that the loved ones who have crossed over
are still so close!"

Whatever your spiritual beliefs may be, take comfort in a reading by someone
who will not judge or condemn anyone.
Jonna believes in Karma and treats others as she would want to be treated.
What goes around, does come back!
Whether you want to learn about past lives, future, love life, finances or health,
Jonna can give you the guidance and answers that you need
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