Thank you to everyone for their testimonials!

*Hey Jonna,
It was so great to talk with you. You are an absolute delight!
Thank you so much for the reading and the chart.  The reading was amazing and it couldn’t
have come at a better time! I will read my chart later today so I can give it my full attention.

Video Testimonial!

*'Jonna has an inside track to an energy not all of us can connect with but is definitely
there. She has a true gift and she gives it back on a daily basis. She told me things about
myself nobody else knew and it stopped me in my tracks. She's got the vibe and she uses
it to help others. Thanks, Jonna!'
-Dobie Maxwell, WLIP radio host of 'The Mothership Connection
Otherwise known as comedian "Mr Lucky"

* So Jonna, he  is texting me and trying to call me.... Saying how sorry he is and he made
a mistake....   FYI.... Your good!!!
Janesville WI

*Just a refresher, you  met me in Madison at the psychic fair about 4 years ago. You told
me I had PCOS and that is why I was having problems having a baby. You told me that I
would be having a baby in March and would find out in June. All have come true! You even
told me the gender would be a boy, it is. Caleb Timothy will be his name. Everything is
going good even though thanks to PCOS I have developed Baby diabetes. Sugars look
good no insulin yet. He has dropped so I need regular check-ups now. Hope your
Christmas and New Years was great! I know this will be a wonderful year. Hope to see ya
soon take care and I will update ya.                                     

*I just wanted to let you know that the description you gave me of the guy I was going to
meet was correct, right down to his blue eyes.  You are amazing!  The height was off by 2
inches, but otherwise you were dead on.  Things are going good so far.
Thanks again for the reading.

*You read for me last Friday at Colleen's house. I just wanted to thank
you and to let you know you were right about everything you said about
me. When I thought about it driving home that night I realized deep
down you were right although I try to deny it on the surface.
We all had a wonderful time. Thanks again. I look forward to
having you read for me again at another party.

*"Jonna is VERY down to earth and in touch with the other side, her abilities to connect will
leave you in awe."
Rob Parker, host of The Closet Redneck Hour, WSUM 91.7fm Madison, WI

*"Jonna has a gift like no other, her readings on-air are dead on!
SHe has such a connection it feels like you are speaking to an old friend!
I have had Numerous listeners speechless due to Jonna's Amazing Accuaracy!
Everything she has told me has come true!"
JW 105.9 The Hog Janesville WI

*I am sure that you don't remember me but I wanted to thank you for the time that you
gave me when you were here in the studio with Stone and Double T.(104.9 THE X)You are
definitely helping me with my transition for letting him go..Again I don't think that I can
thank you enough.

*Well I found my ring! :) it was in the bottom drawer of my nightstand...underneath a
children's squishy cloth block, that says "blue" on one side. The other side is a blue denim
fabric. You called it! "blue and denim!" LOL...You're good! :)

*I sure enjoyed my reading w you and especially amazed at how you could pick up on
medical, and zone in on myself, Mom n Dad.
Those are things you just can't look up,hahaha, as some do to get info.
You sure were on target about so much.
I hear what a happy fulfilled person you are inside and your laughter is sincere and good :)
Thanks so much for the reading and can hardly wait to meet you!
Rae Ann

*I about freaked when i saw that on the internet! I thought yep she was right!!!
Did I ever tell you that, DAMN GIRL YOUR GOOD
Staci H

*Hi Jonna,
We did figure out the goofy hat and the Mama's and the papa's thing though. At Rock
Fest, every year, my dad and this other lady would put on these goofy teeth and a goofy
hat and do this comedy skit, which they called "Ma and Pa kettle"! The skit also included my
dad with a cigar in his mouth...

Also, the same night that I came to see you I went out with a friend of mine. It was a
pretty wild night, and I guess you could say that we were "2 wild and crazy guys"!

When I landed in Florida, my kids were asleep. My Son woke up later in the night, and the
first thing he said to me was "When I was your dad we used to play hard games together"!
He has never referenced himself as being my dad, and I immediately thought of what you
said about him being an old soul who was here to raise me.

My mom told me that she also realized what the eye patch thing was about too. She said
that the last halloween that he was alive, they both dressed up, and he was a Pirate... eye
patch and all.

All in all, you blew my mind with what you did. Thank you...

*That was unreal!
Jonna is so amazing. I have known her for years, she has always been very sweet, down to
earth. Her gift is truly amazing. I had a little chat w/my deceased mom one day when I was
alone. I told my mom that next time I saw Jonna, just to prove it to myself, to mention her
silver tea set. I never mentioned it to anyone, laughed at myself, and forgot about it. I saw
Jonna like 8 months later. She brought up the teapot. At first I was confused and then I
remembered. I cried, I was so bewildered and amazed. Also happy to know that my mom
really heard that. Now all of my adult daughters see her also. My daughter Paula is totally
addicted to Jonna. She knows everything Jonna has told her for years, is right on the dime.
You wont be sorry to meet her, just totally amazed!! Love you Jonna.
That was amazing.  I just wanted to let you know when you described my physical
problems and suggested some things I should do -- well I did and I am feeling so much
better.  Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again!
*Thank you so much for your reading today. I was so enlightened and had a great time
sitting with you.
I loved how my dad wouldn't let you talk to me! He was such a goofball like that.
Most everything you said was spot-on; though I am still wondering what the heck is
important with February... hmmmm...

I am definitely going to be a loyal client, Jonna. You amazed and impressed me. Coming
from someone who has had dozens of readings both over the phone and in person, you
exceeded my expectations by far!


*I came to see you this past Friday at Three Sisters Spirit and I have to start off by saying
THANK YOU! You were incredible, and you helped us more than you probably realize. I was
part of the larger group who was looking to connect with my aunt, the very strong one
that came through that night. I was there with my mom and aunt, my sister, and my
cousins. Since Friday, my aunt and uncle and cousin have since booked appointments with
you for personal readings.Since Friday, I have to admit, everything that you told us has
been the only thing on my mind. I keep replaying it over and over in my head, and how
right on you were. You have an amazing gift, and I am so very thankful to have had the
opportunity to meet you and have you help us connect to my aunt. She passed when we
weren't prepared for it and she was without a doubt, the "mother" figure of the entire
family. As you can probably guess, since 6 of us came to see if we could get her. And the
fact that she came pushing through so strong and in-charge, only verifies to us more that
it was her and she hasn't changed a bit. ha-ha! Thank you again for that.

*My sister Donna and I visited with you a few Saturdays ago at 3 sisters in Waukesha. My
sister Donna had a reading, I took notes. Your reading wowed us and we both want more!!
How do we schedule another reading with you? You are all booked up at 3 Sisters for
another month and we would like something sooner, if at all possible. Donna wants to
know who all the people were in the room, and me, I just want to know. Anything. Codo's
in Janesville would be okay also.

*Thank you so much for sharing your gift, your time, your candor, your empathy and your
kindness.  Last night's reading was very powerful and very meaningful, life changing in such
positive ways.
Many blessing to you -

*You did a reading for me in July 2009 and stated to me that I would have some roof
problems.  The roof and ceiling of my spare bedroom caved in.

*You also stated to me that the man in my life would write a book and it would be very
successful.  He has now signed a contract to write a book with 3 other people.  He has
signed a contract to do a screen play.   
I asked you if I would ever meet anyone that would truly love me.  You said yes.  I have
now met the man of my dreams.  You asked me if we were going on any trips.  I said none
that I knew of.    He now has 2 trips planned for us, one is to Washington, DC and the
other possibly to Las Vegas.
You called everything correctly.  You are amazing!  I am very happy these days and life is
excellent!  I will keep in touch with you.

*I had a reading with Jonna recently... I had never met her in my life, and she told me
things that were very family confidential, i cried, i laughed, and i wanted more. Cant wait till
she comes to do a party at my home...

Thank you!  You have no idea how much comfort you have given me and my family.  We
really had a hard time figuring out the Flo from Alice reference…My mom and my grandma’s
sister talked and there was a woman that wasn’t quite family that my grandma (and several
others of us in the family) worked for at a restaurant.  She had red hair and was a tell-you-
how-it-is type of person and passed away unexpectedly a while back.  My grandma took
her death hard as they were great friends.  I have told anyone that will listen to me how
great you are.  In fact, some of my friends want to come (and some of my relatives).  I’m
thinking about hosting a party at some point J  I was so skeptical and didn’t want to give
you any info that you could reference…It is still so mind blowing how you were able to tell
me things you could only know if you were communicating with her!  And, I am happy to
report that we have been praying with Alex very specifically at night and bought him a
Captain America shield…and he has slept through the night both nights and has not
mentioned being scared.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

Jonna you are amazing!! I couldn't believe everything you knew about me at my first
reading. Everything you said about my relationship was correct, everything you said about
my career was correct, and everything you said about my health was correct!! You have a
very special gift, you are very blessed!!


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